What draws you to tattoos?

I have found it’s a way for me to express what is going on inside and place it decoratively on the outside. They remind me of points in my life; of events and how I have emotionally connected to them. I love the way they accentuate various parts of my body. I find them very sexy if they suit the person who is wearing them and they have been completed to a high standard.

When did you get your first tattoo?

‎The first tattoo I had done was about 18 years ago. It was done in Camden and I had a Celtic band, which goes around the arm. They were the ‘in’ thing back then. But unlike many people, my band went all the way around. Tattooing under the arm is a sensitive place, so many people stopped half way round.

Is there anything you've discovered about yourself through the process of thinking about and getting tattoos?

I realised once I had started that I would want more and that I was addicted. There are some parts of my body I want tattoo-free, like my chest and the top and middle parts of my legs.

I discovered I loved the process. I would get excited when I was going to get inked -‎ the anticipation of the needle on the skin. I would forget the sensation and how I felt until I went under the needle again. I like the sensation and the pain. I generally get inked twice a year. It is a therapeutic process, I guess for me. I get a kick and a release out of it. A feeling of completion and satisfaction.

My friend and tattooist Henry Hate had a short film made about him and his studio Prick by Dazed & Confused. I am in the film getting inked and they commented on how relaxed I was. It looked like I was not getting inked at all.

Do you think you'll keep getting tattoos well into the future or do you have a complete picture in your head that you're working towards?

There is an end in sight, I guess in the next 3-4 years. I need to have some corrections made on my right arm. Last time I was inked, the ink bled so it has not been taken in properly on my skin. That was the first time this happened to me.

I would like my back added to so it’s completely covered, my arse tattooed ‎and my gecko around my belly button needs updating and adding to. After that I know I will be satisfied: a finished piece of emotional storytelling art.

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