Talking to Laurence about life reminded me of the one thing we should never forget: that we live life fully when we celebrate ourselves and practise the values that are important to us.


Rhiannon didn't really plan it to happen, but somehow, over the years, she's managed to create a beautiful constellation of tattoos - and they suit her perfectly.


I met Karen at the Women with Tattoos photo booth back in March. She told me that she didn't have any frame-worthy photos of her tattoos, so I offered to take care of this for her! One month later, when spring started tiptoeing towards us, we met at Hampstead Heath in London to document her tattoos...


I came across Anna in a Things & Ink article about tattooed librarians. I was drawn in by the mixture of dark tribal patterns and softer, more colourful Japanese-inspired designs that wrapped around her arms.


Hannah is an illustrator from Brighton who is currently based in New York. All her tattoos are cat-themed, which makes her instantly worshipable.

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