Chin tattoo by Sway

It's always exciting when you discover a tattoo artist who has a truly distinct style. Fidjit is one of those artists. Her work is literally and metaphorically bold, full of imagination and character.


I found Susan on Instagram and was instantly mesmerised by her feed - full of beautiful butterflies and moths that she raises like her own (she calls herself a "moth mamma"). See if you can spot some of her creature friends in our photo shoot.


Rena makes music and writes poetry. Her tattoo serves a purpose many of us can relate to: it contains wisdom that we want to hold on to and draw strength from.


Back piece by Yann Brenyak

Sophie has my respect and admiration. A tattoo artist from Essex, Sophie has lived through difficult experiences, which she talks about openly in this interview. In her own words, tattooing saved her life.


Anne Frankenstein got to know alternative culture as a young girl observing punks in a park in her hometown of Dublin. Her tattoos have their roots in those early influences and also stem from Anne's affinity with colours and patterns.

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