I came across Nikki in an unexpected place: a video about a death metal yoga class in Athens. She was the yoga instructor, and while the subject of the video was undeniably interesting, my tattoo radar zoned in on the unique bunny decorating Nikki's arm. I wanted to find out more about it so I arranged a photo shoot during a trip to my hometown Athens, Greece, where Nikki lives.

Bunny tattoo by Vasso

When did you realise you wanted to get tattoos? Is it something you took a while to decide or was it more impulsive?

I always loved tattoos. Since I was child. A naked body was a little bit boring to me. I loved the fact that a body can be a canvas.

Tattoos can often invite glances from people - is this something you had to get used to?

Ι didn't have any bad experience. I protect myself from bad glances and energy. My mother taught me not to care about what other people think. She taught me to feel good to be different. So I just don't care.

Have your tattoos had a transformative effect on you?

When I first started having tattoos I felt like a pin-up girl. So I wore vintage clothes and stuff like that. But now I’m just a woman with a colourful body. I don't need any persona.

You mentioned that some of your tattoos are based on relationships in your life. How have the tattoos and their meaning evolved along with these relationships?

I did these tattoos to remember my friendships and relationships when I grow old. Other people have photographs. I have tattoos.

Betty Boop tattoo by Haight Ashbury

Can you tell me the story behind your pin-up bunny tattoo and its significance?

My friends used to call me bunny. So I did this bunny pin-up and I combined it with one of my favourite songs from The Magnetic Fields; Let's Pretend We're Bunny Rabbits.

What advice would you give someone thinking about getting their first tattoo?

Do something to remind you who you are.

When you look at your tattoos how do they make you feel?


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