What was your first tattoo and how would you describe the experience?

My first tattoo is a tattoo saying "Tunnel 52". With the tram you went through tunnel number 52 to my street where I grew up. I wanted to have something with some kind of meaning, nothing special really but still nothing I would regret. Something maybe a bit abstract for others. To suddenly have a mark on your body was strange. It takes time until it becomes part of you and your skin.

When you started getting tattoos, did this coincide with any other changes or developments in your life?

I was 18. I had moved away from home, I was finishing school and started working. I was anticipative on life, to have the option to choose for your own. A beginning.

Do you tend to get tattoos that symbolise something or are they more of an aesthetic choice?

I choose based on aesthetics. I have motives that I find very beautiful and choose to decorate my body with. I only go for old school style. It is the only thing that attracts me and my skin.

Some people say that they feel more confident thanks to their tattoos, or that their tattoos act as a reminder of something significant. What do you draw from them?

My tattoos do not act as a reminder. But yes they gives you confidence. Like everyone else, I've had a lot of body complexion and the tattoos have acted a bit like a distraction - removed the focus from the body to the paintings. Tattoos give a tough impression, and it can sometimes be nice to lean against.

Which is your favourite tattoo?

It's hard to say which one is my favorite. I love the detailing of the hand and olives. The tiger I first had a bit of trouble liking but now I really appreciate. The little skull on my arm feels like a good old funny friend.

I love the placement of your tattoos. How do you decide on placement?

Placement is so important. I want the motives to follow my natural lines and curves. I don't like symmetry or direct spot-on placements. When some of it doesn't show at first, sneaking up behind. The thought runs parallel to the idea of the subject. Angles, shapes, size.

Do you have any plans for future tattoos?

Botanical and animal objects are beautiful, abstract, obvious and also changing because it has a different meaning for everybody. I always have ideas for more. I love an old school snake, both small and delicate but also bold and big looping over. A must-have is a portrait, sketch or anything really of a woman, but that motive is tricky and will have to wait.

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